On one of the most significant days of your life, you desire more than just the ordinary; you crave the extraordinary. Brookside Weddings and Events transcends the realm of a typical event space rental near Windsor Colorado; it embodies perfection for an unforgettable occasion. Nestled amidst a gentle stream and flourishing gardens, Brookside seamlessly merges rustic allure with breathtaking scenery.
Our dedicated team meticulously brings your vision to life, ensuring that every element reflects your individual narrative. Let the tranquil babbling brook and panoramic garden views create a stunning backdrop for the most cherished moments of your life. Embark on your journey to happily ever after at Brookside, where your love story takes center stage in the midst of natural splendor, from the ceremony to the reception in Windsor Colorado.

Stunning Wedding Venue near Windsor Colorado

As the most stunning wedding venue near Windsor Colorado for your ceremony and reception, Brookside ensures an unforgettable day. We provide both indoor and outdoor alternatives, enabling you to commemorate just as you've envisioned. Pledge your vows amidst our blooming gardens or select a snug ceremony by a glowing fire. Our venue's adaptability allows you to select a setting that impeccably reflects your relationship.

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Bid farewell to figuring out rentals! Our event space rental near Windsor Colorado offers a comprehensive package, including exquisite tables, sleek wooden chairs, and ample preparation areas. Indulge in seamless catering and bartending services conveniently available on-site. We manage all aspects from inception to completion, allowing you to unwind and relish every moment of your extraordinary day at Windsor Colorado's best event space rental.

At Brookside, we bring your distinctive vision to fruition. Each facet of your occasion, from the enchanting ceremony near Windsor Colorado to the reception of your dreams, it will mirror your individual style and story. Immerse yourself in stunning gardens, beneath starlit skies, and amidst the invigorating mountain air as you commit to your love.

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Brookside Weddings is more than just a wedding venue near windsor; it's a carefully constructed setting for your love story. Pledge your vows beneath the expansive open sky, enveloped by blossoming flowers. Our gardens harmonize whimsy and refinement, boasting sun-drenched pavilions and quaint rustic spaces. Every element is meticulously curated to foster a romantic ambiance, ensuring your wedding evolves into an enduring tale of love.


Brookside Gardens is an excellent choice for a garden-themed wedding!  The venue itself is stunning- outdoors there are lots of flowers, trees, etc. and it is all very well maintained. The indoor space had lots of beautiful natural light during the first part of our event, and as the sun went down, the chandeliers and string lights created a very romantic and dreamy vibe!  Everything met and exceeded our expectations.


Brookside was the first venue I visited and it gave me a feeling of euphoria from the start. First, the place is absolutely beautiful. The outdoor ceremony space showcases gorgeous flowers of all colors and includes a patio with market lights for cocktail hour ... Everyone I worked with at the venue was so friendly and excited for me and the communication was open the whole time.   I am so grateful to have been married here and it was absolutely perfect!!


Brookside gardens is a dream come true for a wedding venue.  This venue is beautiful in every way and every single person there makes sure you're taken care of.

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