Nestled in the heart of Boulder, Colorado, Brookside Weddings stands as a beacon of extraordinary elegance for those dreaming of a perfect wedding venue. Beyond being just an event space rental, Brookside encapsulates the essence of a dream ceremony and reception amidst Boulder's natural splendor.

Our dedicated team at Brookside, the most sought-after wedding venue near Boulder, commits to turning your unique vision into reality, ensuring your ceremony and reception beautifully reflect your personal journey. Envision exchanging vows against the serene backdrop of Boulder's landscapes, where every detail contributes to the magic of your special day.

Boulder's Premier Wedding Venue: Unforgettable Ceremonies & Receptions

Brookside, revered as the most stunning wedding venue near Boulder, offers versatile indoor and outdoor settings for your Boulder ceremony and reception. Whether it's a heartfelt exchange of vows in our blooming gardens or a cozy reception under the stars, our Boulder event space rental adapts to capture the essence of your relationship, making your day unforgettable.

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Eliminate the hassle of event planning with Brookside's all-encompassing packages. As Boulder’s leading wedding venue, we provide elegant tables, chairs, and extensive preparation areas, along with on-site catering and bartending services. From the initial planning stages to the final moments of your reception, our team ensures a seamless celebration at Boulder's premier event space rental.

Brookside specializes in personalizing your wedding to mirror your distinct style and story. Situated near Boulder, our reception venue serves as the perfect backdrop for your ceremony and event, offering a blend of breathtaking gardens and the captivating beauty of Colorado’s mountains.

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Brookside Weddings is more than a wedding venue; it's a love story set in the picturesque environs of Boulder, Colorado. Declare your vows under the expansive Colorado sky, surrounded by the natural beauty that makes Boulder the ideal location for your wedding venue, reception, and ceremony. Our gardens meld whimsy with elegance, providing a storybook setting for your love to flourish.

Embrace the journey of love at Brookside, where every ceremony and reception becomes a cherished memory. As Boulder, Colorado's premier wedding venue and event space rental, we invite you to discover the magic of your special day in our gardens and indoor spaces. Contact us to explore Boulder’s most elegant venue, where dreams come to life.


Brookside Gardens is an excellent choice for a garden-themed wedding!  The venue itself is stunning- outdoors there are lots of flowers, trees, etc. and it is all very well maintained. The indoor space had lots of beautiful natural light during the first part of our event, and as the sun went down, the chandeliers and string lights created a very romantic and dreamy vibe!  Everything met and exceeded our expectations.


Brookside was the first venue I visited and it gave me a feeling of euphoria from the start. First, the place is absolutely beautiful. The outdoor ceremony space showcases gorgeous flowers of all colors and includes a patio with market lights for cocktail hour ... Everyone I worked with at the venue was so friendly and excited for me and the communication was open the whole time.   I am so grateful to have been married here and it was absolutely perfect!!


Brookside gardens is a dream come true for a wedding venue.  This venue is beautiful in every way and every single person there makes sure you're taken care of.

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